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But enough about me

"You're a good storyteller." A colleague said that to me and at last offered clarity to what made me tick. I've been called many things: educator, mentor, executive director, and others I shouldn't repeat. I was never certain what the titles meant, though knew it always came down to inviting conversation through thoughtful storytelling. 

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Our stories matter

I think it's important to share stories in ways that allow readers to personally connect to their own thoughts and emotions. I don't pretend to have a specific method for formulating the relatable, though this is always prevalent in my mind when crafting my writings. I'm hopeful for a mixture of quiet inspirations, maybe emotional evocations of day to day experience. 

Connecting our stories matters more

I am most moved by conveying how our stories, in some manner, whether concentric, parallel, or intersecting, are connected. Pardon my dare for skewed observations, or being too often trapped in anecdote, but I believe if we allow enough time for meaningful dialogue, we'll find common ground and understanding for how our stories connect. 

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Thinking out loud

I am fortunate to have worked with my passion for sculpting narratives through interpretation with American history museums. Now penning outside the realms of history, this space is for thinking out loud through the history we're all sharing in this now. But enough of about me...

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