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Bitter Black Dawn

A winter week's poems, inspired by the day. And coffee.

bitter black dawn

arabica sips slow


hands the shovel

wondering where

a month has gone

new already old

another forty hours

long told

resolutions diluted

in morning stillness


morning cold burning

breath spray dna

whiting wet to dry

east crisps azure

village of clouds

built of ocean exhale


thirty and one

in a winter sun

this light itself


slow cooker chili

spiced loud

for a winter’s quiet

week of storm

said of new

this first

and still I thirst

for a rainy spring

a Wednesday winding

as slow river warm

to an ocean

always waiting

treatable not

curable this

want for


to be


or morning after

another imposter

in unhealed existence

coffee pouring

slow to an edge

of longing for belonging

aftermath of

a rodent’s expression

cold is predicted

and I, barefoot

shower wet

regrets warming

as blanket familiar




to first light

asking mere


of possession

my Friday

my morning

my quiet

awakened escape

subconcious memes

distilling dreams

damnation of

north winter winds

whistling contempt


pulled over warm

in a hesitant morn

coffee, journal, pen

words spill staining

Saturday begins

Impatient light

carving Sunday

morning shadows

dark roast hinting

plum and

molasses sweet

books over bedcovers

mid chapter sprawled

spine wide

stories and sips

savored slow

a week ends

or begins

I am undecided

© Copyright William Hazel, 2023

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