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November Haiku

and other fallen leaves strewn

Like my thoughts, my kitchen counter, my poetry felt scattered, windblown against fence bottoms. They should be raked but wrens are finding nibbles underneath.


hot cocoa soothes sweet

milked regressions swirl spoon stirred

home safe before dark

early hours rain

cloud rivers cold running wild

coffee in bed

autumn sun sublime

between the leaves painting soft

her smile reminding

hot tea shot of rum

sherpa new high to shoulders

tomorrow waiting

dark chocolate melts

slow on tongue held rolled gentle

a kiss remembered

sun salutations

a dawn still dark with promise

this body prepares

five thousand words fall

season of leaves and chapters

a new book begun

warm pie waits for morn

savor only now and need

grace carved wholehearted

thanks and taking and

autumn giving moments strewn

pouring love and wine

oak branched lifeless nude

rains undecided hang cold

November mourning

and fallen leaves strewn


muddy progress

familiar boots

caked grey

autumn rains

fell hard


moody horizon

dark hour pending

from the mountains

of cumulous soon

weighted rivers rain

loblolly and

longleaf soaking

bear and osprey

shall drink

as same

surveying scape

atop cypress

centuries sturdy

osprey eyeing over

loblolly younger

west waters

pooling fresh

salted east

tiding lower

either way

she chooses

a fish

can only



fence rail still

jays cry

warnings loud

through the blue


silent grift

morn light shone


morning melancholy

quieted hours

blurring misgivings

a soaking bath

steaming clarity

these uncounted ways

accepting fault

and frail

become unfolded

let strength and

resilience reveal

arabica black

notes of cherry

of chocolate

of thanks taking

time closer

further from grind

sipped sublime

from cups sentimental

mother's voice

and decades steam


rain is due

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