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October Haikus - Daily haiku by the numbers

A daily haiku practice through the month of October. The date being the prompt word for each day's entry.

cedarwood incense

first eve cold glow burning slow

October begins

grey to blue to grey

warm cold harshly disagree

second soaked deep through

flood tide neighbors ride

dark waters defy deny

this third this Monday

peanuts in the shell

bar keep stories dark and tall

Guinness foaming fourth

one more blanket topped

cold fifth turned heated retreat

entangled beneath

midweek date out late

Sauvignon kisses chilled blanc

this sixth with the Moon

seventh day sun gone

lantern candle fence painting

forty hours behind

portobellos grilled

ghost faces in fire pit smoke

eighth holds secrets old

ninth sun high bright burns

swim in clearest blue above

clapperclaw in pines

black cat window lights

neighbor bats and webs and skulls

tenth turning in graves

eleventh confused

seventy to forty low

windows open fresh

river walk calming

midday coffee perfect black

twelfth turning slowly

counter ants parade

ambitions sweet jam smeared red

thirteen picks up crumbs

fourteen serves it warm

impatient pumpkins rotting

August remembers

month washed delicate

autumn fabric sun soaked bright

fifteen folds mid creased

sheets warming to breast

journal and coffee note hope

sixteenth dawn yawning

windshield sweeps rain blind

seventeen thunders even

gutters sop with sins

spicey foods and friends

versa vice could be maybe

eighteen buys a round

flannel dryer warm

oatmeal cookies iced white sweet

nineteen tastes of cold

night pack shouldered light

twenty front pocket crumpled

quarter moon spending

seasonal mood swing

friday night haunts inviting

twenty-one out late

busy market yeasts

sourdough wrapped basked warm

twenty-two crunches

dark rain Shelleyesque

twenty-third turns black and white

Colin Clive eyes haunt

great pumpkin and Charles

childhood blanket moth eaten

twenty-four rewinds

twenty and now five

hauntings already begun

ghosts whiting with moon

fog drenched thick unseen

hesitant steps unknowing

twenty-sixth senses

candle frenzy lights

fruit flies buzzing pumpkin eyes

twenty-seven warms

gloom horizon hung

this unforgiven sun shunned

twenty-eight darks fate

midday bright reclined

fence shadows horizontal

twenty-nine grills out

ghost book and blanket

cinnamon hot steams scented

thirty curls under

children holding asks

more hollow than Hallow's Eve

thirty-0ne unmasks

© Copyright William Hazel, 2022

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