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Sipping Red

I chose the last Sunday of each month to share a haiku practice on my IG stories through the fall and winter months. Sipping red in bed, was the prompt. I'll switch to white for the spring and summer. Thanks for lingering.

sipping red in bed

autumn night lingering dim

journals cursive scratched

chapters long written

shared in lesser words agreed

old souls write beyond

sipping red in bed

long thanks leftover given

reminiscence foiled

warm pie waits for morn

savor only now and need

grace carved wholehearted

sipping red in bed

'jamas new worn dryer warm

silent night savored

christmas chaos shelved

star dark in a velvet box

gibbous waxing blue

years crossroad collide

old and new pivot unhinged

flannels entangled

sipping red in bed

marinara long simmered

scenting home subtly

flour, egg, love

simple ingredients these

al dente to please

old world vines noted

garlic kisses slow grazie

mandolin reprise

sipping red in bed

tarot and merlot converge

turn a midnight card

facet fixations

our rudimentary four

shuffled seasons ask

soul care queried shy

introspection flames open

burning unanswered

sipping red in bed

west view ripe blue clouds roll low

subtle tannins tease

neath heirloom linen

quilted weight of evening lulls

downpour notes of age

1. Photos by Author

2. Cover photo, Mae Mu, Unsplash

© Copyright William Hazel, 2023

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