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Valentine Haiku

For My Love

old souls travel true

carrying needs mere and love

at hope we begin

dare explorations

intuitive directions

guidebook left behind

eyes of forest earth

browns to gentle greens between

nature spirits seen

through thicket unknown

when I am lost and afraid

your compass my North

fire sign fellow

Leos burning for the sea

star paths towards warm destined same

never still this yearn

tide sculpted destinations

shaping resolute

blue wet endless edge

in salted soak I am healed

your kiss my ocean

honor sun and soil

these long seasons of healing

tended roots flourish

wordless grace precedes

quieting spaces heartfelt

ambient allure

our grand canvas shared

sprawling splendid imperfect

colored soft sublime

this life on your page

and I soft papyrus held

sketched in love quiet

everything, all, and

with your hand fortune held long

my home your name

© Copyright William Hazel, 2023

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