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What I Want for Christmas

Updated: Jun 15

she asks me what

I want for Christmas

in the laundry sorting clothes while

a summer straight down rain begins

raging warm daring December

to remember with a thunder

of married fronts against the cold


she folds her panties perfect

jeans soft creased beside colors of

neat cami tanks and tees as

I match my socks and pull the

pullovers over in slow rhythm

to Guaraldi from the great room

as she looks my way for answer


her eyes winter magnolia green

that perfect stripe of silver

from root to shoulder curl

subtle exhales of eucalyptus

pleating delicate from her bath

into the dryer heated ether

tumbling as it has for years


giving pajama bottoms

oven fresh with a bit of charge

as we change from waist to toe

in the middle of a Sunday

in the middle of a storm’s

sushing and rumble into flannel

white with snowflake, green with pine


she asks me what

I want for Christmas

and I fall spellbound silent

soaking and spinning and

hanging on a line in a moment

without need

or notion

1. Title photo by Author.

© Copyright William Hazel, 2023

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