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Running To Zen - A Marathon Journey

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My first book is about running. Running from not being able to run to running a marathon. I didn't write it for runners, I wrote it for nonrunners who are thinking about running as a genuine snapshot of what you might encounter. If you are a runner, you'll get it. And I hope you laugh. Because, let's admit it, some of the stuff we encounter is both abnormal and ridiculous.

Most running books I found were how to descriptions or wishy washy running is everything wonderful celebrations. I was always frustrated not to find genuine accounts of what average runners experience. So I wrote one.

It's a collections of observations both contemplative and lighthearted of the multifaceted experiences of running a first marathon. Whether runner or nonrunner, whether just running for exercise, heading to a 5K, or wanting to test the limits of marathoning, Running to Zen - A Marathon Journey offers readable and relatable encouragement of your own journey through health, fitness, and personal wellbeing.

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